Our Method

You already possess the personal resolve and capability to make the changes in your life that you wish and with our help, will be able to accelerate your results and get assistance with three main aspects of your journey:

1. Establishing your goals and how we are going to get you there
2. Safe and effective practice based on scientific principles and research which will be tailored to your specific needs and requirements
3. Provide a safe, comfortable and clean space for you to develop new habits and ways of thinking

Meet Our Team

Meet the Team

Female client aged 21 - 26/03/2019

“I was extremely insecure. I used to be part of a commercial gym but didn’t want people watching or judging me, so never got the best out of it and frankly didn’t know what I was doing. I saw Instagram workouts but didn’t feel confident at executing them safely. I needed to create change for me, feel confident and have the freedom to wear the clothes I’ve always wanted to and feel good!

I am now a regular client at D&J and love it! The major benefits for me are feeling educated in nutrition, resistance training and the importance of correct movement. I am confident, less stressed and know I’ve made lasting change. For anyone considering starting, just do it! I’ve been supported and all the trainers get involved and invest time in you. The results have come so quickly. The atmosphere and community in the D&J studio is great, everyone is very welcoming. It’s the best thing I’ve ever done!”

Partner session Mum (41) & Daughter (16) trained by Jonny Meal - 26/03/2019

"My daughter and I had a wonderful training session together this week. I want to thank Jonny for working with us together and making the session fun too. Cannot recommend these guys enough.”

New client aged 21 trained by Matt Derwent - 26/03/2019

"My training sessions with Matt at D&J’s personal training are exciting and different! Matt is incredibly motivating and enthusiastic and has pushed me to do things I didn’t think I was strong enough to do. There’s a great atmosphere in the gym and all the staff are really friendly and welcoming. Matt has amazing knowledge of nutrition and fitness and explained what changes I needed to make to my diet and exercise routine, in order to achieve my goals. I would definitely recommend!!!"

The D&J studio in the eyes of the client - 26/03/2019

“I've been training with Jamie since the beginning in Southwell and love the new incarnation of the gym. D&J have developed a great-looking new space and have assembled a team of expert trainers to suit their clients. The atmosphere is positive and client-focused, whatever stage of the fitness journey you are at. Keep up the great work Jamie, Daisie & team!”

Male client aged 44 trained by Sharon Burns - 26/03/2019

"I hadn’t been in a gym for years and was extremely unfit. I was very nervous about going into the studio, however, Sharon delivered a program that was sympathetic to my condition and helped me to become confident in taking exercise.

Sharon is very good at judging what my abilities are and will tailor the program accordingly. She will deliver an exercise program that is challenging whilst still being achievable.

The program incorporates a good mixture of different exercises so at no point do things become mundane. Even now Sharon is introducing new exercises on each session. My abilities, both in cardio condition and strength have improved massively.

Sharon is also an excellent mentor, having a previous life working in mental health, and to be honest she is just really easy to get on with and talk to.

I would thoroughly recommend D&J Personal Training. Sharon and the team have done wonders for me.”