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Motorsport is one of the most expensive and high budget sports in the world, routinely exceeding millions of pounds per season to compete at the highest level.

With data analysis, telemetry, HD video, GPS and information gathering equipment heavily prevalent throughout the racing community racing teams throughout the world spend millions of pounds searching for hundredths of a second in laptime in the quest to win races.

An often overlooked performance factor that is widely neglected is the “motorsport athlete”.

“The biggest contributor to laptime, speed and race performance is and will always be the driver/rider” – Jamie Falvey (D&J Director, British Caterham Champion and GT driver)

In order to improve performance you have to train specifically for race requirements and conditions. The target is to get to the last lap and the last corner of a race in a solid state of physical fitness, so you are able to make that final move to win. There have been countless examples over Motorsport history, where competitors have the ability to win races but not the stamina to perform at 100% for the entire race distance.

RaceFit Motorsport Training builds performance, tuning the driver/rider into an athlete. Placing them in a physically superior position to the competition so they can use their mental focus and talent to perform consistently during races without the worry of fatigue setting in.

Consultation – Complimentary

Fitness Performance Analysis – 2 hours – £150

Driver/Rider Studio Training – 1 hour – £65

Driver Assessment and Performance Analysis (at circuit) – 1 day £450

2 day Race Weekend Support and Analysis – £800

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